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Soapstone is a really old metamorphic rock that's been used for centuries inside AND outside of our homes. The early Egyptians EVEN carved soapstone into scarabs and seals.This stain proof beauty is sure to turn heads! Find articles, information, and resources on soapstone below.

About Soapstone
Benefits Of A Soapstone Counter
Benefits Of A
Soapstone Counter
Ice Flower Soapstone
Moh's Scale Of Hardness
Moh's Scale
Of Hardness

Not sure when OR how to use soapstone?

We have some great ideas! Whether your considering soapstone counters, a soapstone vanity or even a soapstone sink, we want to guide you on using natural stone in your home.

For example, not sure what the difference is BETWEEN the different stones?

Here's a QUICK REVIEW on the various stone types to help you make your choice an informed one.

And what about choosing your actual stone? Feeling unqualified or unsure of yourself?

Don't be! This is one of the most exciting steps! Here's a few hints & tips for you to keep in mind when it comes time to choose your stone.


Brazilian Black Granite
Worlds Most Popular
Granite A to D
Juperana Crema Bordeaux
Worlds Most Popular
Granite E to L
Santa Cecilia Granite
Worlds Most Popular
Granite M to S
Tropic Brown Granite
Worlds Most Popular
Granite T to Z

AND here's where you'll find the most popular American & Canadian Granite And Marble

Maybe you're feeling overloaded or just plain lost in the whole stone process? AND, it can be overwhelming if your not sure what to expect. Follow along on this granite installation so you know what to expect along the way. The installation of your soapstone countertop will be really similar.

Questions On Soapstone Countertops
Countertops FAQ's
Questions On 
Soapstone Sinks
Questions On
Soapstone Sinks
FAQ's On Stone Remnants
FAQ's On
Stone Remnants
Natural Stone Slabs
FAQ's On All
Natural Stone

This is where you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on soapstone. You'll find the answers to questions such as:

This natural non stick surface is millions of years old. It's super soft compared to other natural stones yet considered ONE of the most durable stones around! It doesn't burn, it isn't porous, it won't stain, and acids won't etch it.

Oiled Vs Unoiled Soapstone
Oiled Vs Unoiled
Soapstone Kitchen Picture
Soapstone Kitchen
Soapstone Counter

You'll find More Info On Soapstone Below:

Juperana Crema Bordeaux Granite
Stone Polish
Kitchen Faucets
Kitchen Faucets
Desert Sand Granite
Granite Vessel Sinks
Lake Superior Green Granite
Kitchen Sinks

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