Granite, Marble & Stone How To Guides

Not sure how to care for, clean or seal your natural stone? Or maybe you have questions on hiring contractors, comparing costs and figuring out how much stone you need. Find quick and simple "How To Guides" for Granite, Marble & Stone below.

Guide To Stone Contractor
Guide To Stone
Hire A Bad Contractor
Hire A Bad
Hire a good contractor.
Hire A Good
Find Stone Pros
Stone Pros

If you're getting ready to hire a granite, marble & stone contractor, use this step by step guide.

Everyone should practice these SIX steps to qualify quality contractors and weed out the bad apples!

Maybe you're not even sure where to find a quality stone contractor!

We have some GREAT places to look!

Here's where to start when you're looking for professional stone contractors! This quick "how to" makes finding quality stone pros EASY.

You're definitely going to want to know how to measure accurately so you know how much stone you'll need. Why? Your budget.

You'll know what stones are viable for your project! You'll know when you need to cut back and you'll know when you can splurge.

Once you have a few estimates from granite fabricators, this is a great way to see the bottom line and compare your estimates accurately.

How To Clean Stone
How To
Clean Stone
How To Polish Stone
How To
Polish Stone
How To Seal Stone
How To
Seal Stone
Should I Seal My Stone
Should I Seal
My Stone?

Once your stone's installed, it's pretty simple to keep your stone in tip top shape!

  1. Always use stone friendly cleaners. It's not necessary to use the MOST expensive cleaners! Use the cleaners you like best - just make sure they're safe for stone!

  2. Seal your stone if needed. Not all stones need to be sealed. Does yours?

There is a lot of controversy on how to clean granite countertops among the stone specialists. Some say it's necessary to ALWAYS use a special granite cleaner, some say soap and water and others say to use glass cleaner. Here's how to clean granite countertops.

Figure Out Square Footage
Matching Paint
To Stone
Figure Out Square Footage
Figure Out
Square Footage
Compare the cost of granite.
Granite Cost
Granite Estimate
Granite Estimate

You'll find tons of hints & tips on:

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