How To Find Quality Granite Fabricators

Referrals, Family & Friends

Finding quality stone pros, marble & granite fabricators and stone floor installers isn't as easy as it seems. You definitely don't want the fly by night company that cuts your stone in your back yard! You probably don't want the guy with ZERO experience either.

Dakota Mahogany Granite

You want to find a couple of professional stone pros with good prices and incredible morals! Free estimates are ALWAYS nice. AND, bigger isn't always better! What it really comes down to...
Who do you click with? Who do you trust?

No matter where the referral comes from, ALWAYS double check references!
Here's a great place to start:

  1. Get a referral from friends, family and neighbors.

  2. Get a referral from a local builder.

  3. Get a referral from a local natural stone supplier and/or showroom.

  4. Go to Home Shows or Trade Shows.

  5. Look in the yellow pages under granite, marble, or natural stone.

  6. Our stone pro directory.

Hints & Tips

  • Trade Shows and Home Shows are a great place to meet a lot of fabricators in one place.
  • Many contractors offer incentives just for the people who find them at these shows.
  • Showrooms & stone yards are a great resource for multiple marble and granite contractor names.
  • Know how to compare bids before seeking out stone & granite contractors.

You'll Need

  • Motivation.
  • Time.

Finding Stone, Marble and Granite Fabricators


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