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What does natural stone maintenance and granite care entail? Does it become a repetitive tedious task? Not if you select the right stone and finish for your project! Find articles, information, and resources on stone & granite care, repair and sealing below.

Stone & Granite Care

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When it comes to natural stone care, one of the most important things you can do to minimize and simplify your stone maintenance is to make sure that you select the right stone and finish for your intended application.

If an improperly selected stone is installed, you might be unhappy in the future with the extra care, repair, and maintenance.

The two most important things you do to care for granite, limestone, travertine and other natural stones are remove any dust, grit, and sand from the stone's surface and clean up accidental spills as soon as possible.

And of course,

ALWAYS use cleaning products made for stone!

If you use the wrong products or harsh products, you run the risk of damaging your stone.

Is stone 'fixable'? Usually but why add unnecessary stress and wasted money when it's simple to just avoid damaging your stone.

Natural stone maintenance is really simple IF you select the right stone and finish.

  1. Keep your stone clean and free from dirt,

  2. Maintain the finish,

  3. And if ever necessary, repair or replace any damaged stone.

Stone & Granite Repair

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Here is where you'll find information on how to properly clean, care for and protect your stone so you can avoid the repair pitfalls!!!

And, if you're looking to add a little more shine as well as protect the gloss of your stone, here's a quick & easy guide on how to polish your stone. Super simple solution!

Stone & Granite Sealing

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You'll find more info on sealers below:

  • Impregnating sealers soak into the stone and fill in any open voids or pores so that a staining agent cannot. More on sealing granite & stone with a penetrating sealer.

  • A topical sealer creates a barrier on the surface of the stone to protect it from foot traffic, soil, dirt, oil, etch marks (somewhat) and stains. It sits on top of the natural stone and forms a short lived protective film. Although, MOST stone is NOT sealed with a topical stone sealer.

  • Using a natural stone sealer for sealing granite, marble, limestone, or travertine? Compare the advantages and disadvantages of a penetrating sealer to a topical sealer for use on stone.

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