What Is It?

Efflorescence is a deposit of minerals on the surface of the stone that may appear as a white or light powdery substance. This is not a stain and stain removal procedures will not work.

Mineral Deposits and Efflorescence

It is caused by water carrying mineral salts from below the surface of the stone, rising through the stone, and then evaporating. When the water evaporates, it leaves the powdery substance behind.

To remove efflorescence, do ONE of the following:

  • Dust mop.
  • Vacuum the powder.
  • Buff the stone with a #0000 steel wool pad.
  • Buff using a clean polishing pad.

You might have to do this several times as your stone dries out. The stone will continue to efflorescence until it is completely dry. Do not use water to remove the powder. It will only disappear temporarily.

If the problem persists, hire a stone pro to help you figure out the what's causing it. Once the cause of the efflorescence is found and corrected, the efflorescence will disappear.

Remove Efflorescence


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