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It's your central place for stone info! The Stone Circle is our FREE e-zine full of tips, hints, and ideas for using natural stone. The articles are unique and the hints and tips are sure to help you with your next stone project. The Stone Circle

For example...

Want to know a few things you should consider when purchasing a faucet for your stone countertop. The fabricator tells all!

AND, here's a few quick & inexpensive ways to use granite scraps to decorate YOUR outdoors.

Want to know the difference between granite and corian®? This quick comparison fills you in quickly on the main differences between these TWO.

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Limestone Remnant Sill Plate

Add Shine

Erase Scratches

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Get Rid of
Mold & Mildew
Repair Etch Marks

Etch Marks


Here's MORE Stone STUFF:

  • My EASY landscape design idea using limestone remnants. I thought it was a pretty simple project that added a lot of character to our driveway!
  • This page is a quickie on using granite remnants for a few different areas in our house.
  • Here is an interesting way to use expensive red onyx remnants!

Limestone Remnant Madura Gold Granite Remnant Granite Shelf Red Onyx Remnants

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