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Free ShippingFree Shipping Stone Care Products - We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you - our customers old and new - for your continued support. Please keep those questions and emails regarding your stone surfaces coming. We love to answer them! We hope you find our information helpful. We'd love to hear from you.

Palladio SlabThe Stone Circle Issue #50 Palladio - This stone is a conglomerate from Brazil called Palladio. Depending on the processor, it's also sold as Paladium, Paladio, or Verde Paladio to name a few. Parts of Palladio are extremely hard while other parts are soft. This is due to the various cobbles within - gneiss, migmatite, quartzite.

White CorianThe Stone Circle Issue #45 Corian® Vs. Granite - Same day, same kitchen, same layout, same cabinets, different countertop. The before picture is of a white corianĀ® countertop trimmed with oak around the edge. It was a little scuffed up but had been in use for a few years.

Iceflower SoapstoneThe Stone Circle Issue #40 Soapstone - Iceflower soapstone is quarried in Brazil. In its natural state, it is a dull and matted looking gray stone. The veins are visible but not very dramatic. If left in its natural state, soapstone has a rustic look and feel. Your stone will darken over time but it will darken unevenly.

Santa Cecilia 
Granite VanityThe Stone Circle Issue #35 Sealing Granite - Don't be put off by the need to seal. The quality stone care products available today make sealing stone a breeze. AND, there are granite sealers available where you only have to seal every ten years or so! Choose a stone you love! You'll live with it a long time.

Cavern EntranceThe Stone Circle Issue #30 Limestone Cavern & Quarries - We wanted to share a few pictures of a limestone cavern we ventured into located near Cancun, Mexico last year. This first picture is of the entrance into the cavern. The hole was tiny and intimidating. We had to go in backwards!

Mesabi Black GraniteThe Stone Circle Issue #25 Natural Stone- What to expect during fabrication. - This is a picture of a reception area in an office building utilizing Mesabi Black. They are at the end of the install process. The stone is attached, the seams are epoxied and smoothed, and now the installer is blending the edges where the seams meet.

Crema Bordeaux 
GraniteThe Stone Circle Issue #20 Stone & Faucets - PROBLEM: The faucet wouldn't turn all the way on; it hit against the stone of the upper bar. It also wouldn't pivot all the way. The thick granite backsplash came too close to the faucet; therefore, the overhang of the upper bar was in the way. There is a solution!

Santa Cecilia GraniteThe Stone Circle Issue #15 No Surprises - This is a "partial octagon" Santa Cecilia Granite Island with a 10" overhang and an ogee edge. No supports were used under the octagon because of the large mass of cabinets beneath supporting the stone. The island was small enough where no seams were needed.

Santa Cecilia GraniteThe Stone Circle Issue #10 Limestone Pool - Definitly not in our budget but it sure is fun to imagine! What a beautiful way to use limestone! Do you see the arrows? The entire edge of the pool and Jacuzzi is lined with limestone. The wall around the perimeter of the pool is also capped with limestone.

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Juperano Classico Supreme

Soapstone With Slate Backsplash Transporting Granite Soapstone Countertop Choosing Stone

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