Issue #15: The Stone Circle - Granite Island

September 30, 2005

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In This Stone Circle Issue:
  • What's New at Natural Stone Interiors?
  • Idea this month: Octagon Granite Island
  • Hints and Tips From the Fabricator: No Surprises!
  • Recap of the months "Question of the Week"

What's new this month at Natural Stone Interiors?

We've been really busy this month at Natural Stone Interiors! Other than "housekeeping", we've been searching out information.

We contacted Daniel Pivko, a renowned specialist in Natural Stones, to see if he had any articles that would be helpful for homeowners choosing stone. He came through with an exciting in depth article on Natural Stone (differences and formation) and even provided lists of 100's of the most popular Granites and Marbles used today! Check it out here.

We're still working on our stone care information to help you with the ongoing maintenance and care of your stone. AND, our product line for stone care is up! TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCTS

Stay tuned for more pictures, more in depth info and colors on specific granites. This is exciting for us and hopefully you! We are working with a supplier for top quality, great priced stone sinks! Hopefully within the next few months we'll have them ready to ship.

The site map is up. This is for you... it can make it easier to navigate a site. If you go to the Site Map, all the pages are organized under headings to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Idea this Month

This is a partial octagon Santa Cecilia Granite Island with a 10" overhang and an ogee edge.

Santa Cecilia Granite

No supports were used under the octagon because of the large mass of cabinets beneath supporting the stone.

The island was also small enough... no seams were needed... just one large, spectacular piece of stone.

The cook tops not in yet but will be placed in the island.

The homeowners had originally planned to do an arch but decided to go with this shape... basically, they followed the shape of the cabinets. By doing this, not only did they gain additional space but added a "WOW" factor to their kitchen.

Hints and Tips: From the Fabricator

Nobody likes surprise when it comes to remodeling and invoicing. Protect yourself. Once the fabricator has measured your job and knows the type of stone you intend to use, they should be able to provide you with a copy of the TOTAL INVOICE.

This invoice should include ANY and ALL charges. Cost of the stone, additional edging costs(if any), and tear outs. This invoice should also include radius or special cut charges, and any charges for sink, cook top, or outlet cutouts.

There should be no other charges on your final bill. Unless of course, you have authorized them.

HINT* Some companies charge you to drive to and from your home and call them "trip charges". Does yours? Make sure to ask!

RECAP of this months "Question of the Week"

How do I know what size sink to buy?

Measure the INSIDE of your "sink" cabinet from side to side excluding any drawers. Your sink needs to be smaller(not as wide) than this dimension. Next... Measure the depth of your "sink" cabinet by measuring INSIDE your cabinet from the front to the back and then subtract 5-6 inches for your faucet, overhang, and backsplash.

Why is there mesh fabric on the back of some natural stones?

Fiberglass mesh is used on the back of more delicate natural stones such as onyx, some marbles and even granites to reinforce and give added strength to the stone during transporting and fabrication. This mesh isn't visible since it is on the back of the stone and the stone is fine once it is installed.

The reveal, (granite over top of the sink), of my neighbor's under hung sink is different than mine. You can see the entire top edge of the sink. While on mine, the granite completely covers the sink edge. Which is correct?

Both ways are acceptable. All granite fabricators do this differently. Make sure to discuss the reveal with your fabricator and let them know your preference.

Is engineered stone and natural stone the same thing?

No. Natural stone is a product of nature. It is formed over millions of years within or on our earth's surface through changes in heat and pressure. It is quarried from the earth in blocks of stone. Engineered stone on the other hand is man made. It is manufactured in factories and is made of crushed natural stone, about 93 percent, and then bound together by acrylic or polyester resins.

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