Sealing Granite Countertops & Other Natural Stones

No More Sealing Every Year!

Specialty products for sealing granite countertops, marble, onyx, travertine, limestone, AND all other natural stones. Protect your stone from stains with these penetrating sealers!

Color Enhancer and Sealer
Color Enhancer
& Sealer
Sealing Granite Countertops With A Penetrating Sealer

Not sure which sealer is right for you? Let us help simplify choosing.

Want to save time and money? Looking for a long lasting penetrating sealer that's easy to apply and won't change the way your stone looks? Here's an easy to use stone & granite sealer for sealing granite countertops & other natural stones. Use it indoors AND out.

Easy to use and guaranteed to last for TEN YEARS. It's made for stone but versatile enough to use on a ton of different materials... concrete, grout and even terracotta.

It won't change the look of your stone and it won't change the texture either!

Granite Stain
If you already have a stain or stains in your stone, do not apply a sealer until you remove the stain. WHY?

You'll seal the stain right into your stone!

Most surface stains can be removed by you with the help of an appropriate cleaning product or household chemical.

Here's where you'll find more specific information on stone & granite stain removal.

If you have troublesome HONED black granite or dank & dusty looking stone, this is the sealer you want. It's also a color enhancer AND, will change the look of your stone!

This solvent based beauty soaks in deep and gives your stone that wet look. It's deep, it's dark, it's permanent and the colors POP! It's great for sealing granite countertops, honed bar tops, bathroom vanities AND it's an awesome slate sealer TOO.

Sealed and Color Enhanced

In the picture above, we enhanced the right side.

  • The first stone was flamed - (can't remember the name of the stone).

  • The second stone is multi colored slate tile, AND

  • the third stone is a honed black granite.

Huge difference!

Before ordering this color enhancer, get your stone wet with plain water.

Like how it looks? Buy this double duty sealer and color enhancer here.

There's a lot of confusion on sealers...
FAQ's On Sealing... what they are, what they do and even what to expect from your sealer when sealing granite counterops.

The questions we get asked the most are about sealing stone!

For example, "I'm really confused about sealing my granite countertops. My tile guy says all stone is sealed but my fabricator said my stone doesn't need to be sealed. How do I know if I need to seal it?" It's simple... the water test.


"I don't even know what a sealer is - HELP!!!"
Here's a simple explanation on what a sealer is, IS NOT and what a sealer does.

And Finally,

"Why are some sealers really cheap and others so expensive?"
The difference in price between sealers is mainly determined by TWO FACTORS:

  1. The percentage of solid or resin in the formula.

  2. The presence of other stain inhibitors that enhance and complement the performance of the fluorochemicals.

Both of the above impact how long the sealer lasts AND also how well the sealer does its job!

Something To Think About...
... If the initial cost is higher, will you save time and money in the long run because you don't apply the sealer as often? For example, some of the less expensive sealers are applied ONCE A YEAR whereas the more expensive sealers are applied every FIVE to TEN YEARS.

Color Enhancer and Sealer
Color Enhancer
& Sealer
Sealing Granite Countertops With A Penetrating Sealer

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