Granite, Marble & Slate Sealer

Get The Wet Look With This Double Duty Sealer!

Are you looking for an effective slate sealer? One application will do for most slates!!! This color enhancer IS ALSO GREAT for honed granite, tumbled marble, unfinished travertine... ANY UNPOLISHED STONE will come ALIVE!

This double duty sealer is great for sealing granite countertops while adding depth and dimension. It's the ideal product for the wet look! It will change the look of your stone - permanently.

Product Description

Slate Sealer and Color EnhanerEnhance the natural color of slate, tumbled marble and any other unpolished stone surface.

It will help you achieve that "wet look" on your natural unpolished stone. It also enhances the color of SOME polished stones.

Troublesome honed black granite? Finger marks, prints and oily smudges driving you nuts? This is the product for you!

If your stone becomes darker when wet, this product will work for you! 16 Ounces Covers 100 to 120 square feet.

Won't harm natural stone because it's specifically designed for stone.

Two applications will do for most stones!

Color Enhancer $33.95

Other Household Uses:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Flamed Granite
  • Honed Granite
  • Honed Marble
  • Rough Finished Stones
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Tile Edges
  • Unpolished Limestone
  • Unfinished Travertine
  • Some Polished Stones


  1. Make sure your surface is clean and free of any debris or residue.

  2. Apply the enhancer liberally with a brush or a clean white rag. For larger areas, use a roller.

  3. Let the product sit on your stone's surface for a maximum of 15 minutes - you don't want it to dry on the surface - just give it time to absorb into your stone.

  4. Remove any excess. If needed, use a little bit of the color enhancer or mineral spirits.

Color Enhancer $33.95

Sealing Color Enhaner


You'll find tons of hints & tips:

Applying the color enhancer with a paint brush. Enhanced vs Not Enhanced. Scratched Slate Scratch Fixed With Enhancer

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Applying the color enhancer with a paint brush.

... I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants their natural stone to always have that wet look. Thanks a bunch I am a totally satisfied customer.

I received the color enhancer and tried it out. It works great.

A huge difference!

The granite looks deeper and the color is better. I'm ordering the kit tonight. Thanks again.


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