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Granite counter tops are a beautiful, durable, and affordable natural stone that adds warmth and character to your home. The colors and patterns vary from stone to stone - your choice is original because no two countertops are alike. Find articles, information, and resources on granite & granite countertops below.

Questions On Granite Countertops
Countertop FAQ's
Transporting Granite
Granite Counter
Installation Process
Benefits Of Granite Countertops
Benefits Of
Granite Counters
Granite Gvs Silestone
Granite VS

Is taking care of granite difficult?

No, it doesn't have to be! Become familiar with this beautiful stone to minimize problems.

For example, do you know the TWO most important things you do to care for granite?

And what about sealing? What happens if you seal a stone that doesn't need to be sealed? What happens if you don't seal a stone that needs to be sealed? To seal or not to seal - that is the question!

Soap? Ammonia? Glass Cleaners? How do you clean granite? Even if you're unsure of how to clean granite, we make it easy to understand.

Feel confident when cleaning and caring for your stone!

Whether your considering granite counter tops, a granite vanity or even granite floors, we want to guide you on using natural stone in your home.


Brazilian Black Granite
Worlds Most Popular
Granite A to D
Juperana Crema Bordeaux
Worlds Most Popular
Granite E to L
Santa Cecilia Granite
Worlds Most Popular
Granite M to S
Tropic Brown Granite
Worlds Most Popular
Granite T to Z

AND here's where you'll find the most popular American & Canadian Granite And Marble

Still not sure if you want silestone or granite countertops?
This chart compares granite to silestone.

How hard is my granite?
How Hard
Is Granite?
Questions On Black 
Questions On
Black Granite
FAQ's On Stone Remnants
FAQ's On
Stone Remnants
Drying Granite Seam
What Are Granite

And, this is where you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on granite.

You'll find the answers to questions such as:

You'll find tons of Truth OR False on:

Juperana Crema Bordeaux Granite
Stone Polish
Kitchen Faucets
Kitchen Faucets
Desert Sand Granite
Granite Vessel Sinks
Lake Superior Green Granite
Kitchen Sinks

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