Specialty Products For Stone, Granite & Marble Repair

Got a problem? We have a solution!

Specialty products for your onyx, travertine, limestone, granite, AND marble repair.

Get rid of mold & mildew, repair etches, remove stains and camouflage scratches with these stone friendly products! Eradicate dirty soap scum, spruce up your grout & tile and restore your stones shine with the solutions listed below!

SOLUTION: Marble Polishing Powder

Etched Marble Those annoying dull spots that seem to appear whenever the sun hits your stone just right! Sometimes they appear as whitish looking blobs and other times they look like rings or water marks.

One thing that's for sure is etches are ALWAYS lighter than the surrounding stone. This marble polish is quick & easy to use. Plus, no power tools needed! Or, buy the complete marble repair kit and save a little money.

SOLUTION: Mold & Mildew Remover

Mold and Mildew It's gross, it's embarrassing and sometimes it's really stinky! I was always led to believe that mildew and mold = dirty and unkempt. Well, this isn't exactly true. Mold and mildew usually signifies some type of moisture problem.

This product WILL clean up the mold & mildew as well as that smell but it won't solve any long term moisture problems.

Simple Solutions To Help Curb Excess Moisture:

  • Run that bathroom fan before, during AND after showering or bathing!
  • No fan in your bathroom? Open the shower curtain, the door AND the window to let all of that moisture escape!
  • Use a squeegee before, during AND after showering or bathing.
  • Check your grout. Any missing? Regrout!
  • What about the silicone? Is it in good shape or pulling up? Replace it! It's only a couple of bucks to fix this one.

SOLUTION: Poultice

Oily StainsForget to seal your stone? Or did you take your time wiping up that melted butter? Regardless, those dark spots are enough to drive anyone nuts. Most stains can be removed by you with a poultice.

It's actually possible to make a poultice from stuff you have at home BUT why go through all of the guessing and the hassle when you can buy this one?

Need more info on stains and stain removal? Here's a few rules of thumb for stone, marble & granite stain removal.

SOLUTION: I've got a couple! ;-)

Scratched Slate The BEST and the CORRECT way to repair marble, granite & stone scratches is to hire a stone pro to come in and polish them out.

But I do understand that sometimes the cost is too much to validate. Always call to find out how much it will cost before trying the stuff below - you might be pleasantly surprised!

  1. The enhancer works great to camouflage scratches - especially slate or rough finished stone. The GOOD? Quick & Inexpensive. The BAD? It changes the look of your stone and you will have to apply the enhancer to the entire stone.

    How to know FOR SURE if it will work: Get the 'scratched area of your stone wet with plain water. Scratch disappear?

    If so, and if you like how the stone looks wet, this one will work for you!

  2. Permanent Marker - This one can be a little tricky. With black stones - color in the scratch with a black permanent marker and then wipe off any excess using rubbing alcohol.

    For colored stones, DO NOT just draw a straight line with a black marker! It will look like you took a black marker and drew a line on the stone. Get a little artsy... grab a couple of different colored markers and DAB! It will look more natural.

The problem with the above TWO solutions is this:
Run your hand across the stone. You will still feel any deep scratches. You're not actually fixing the scratches - you're just camouflaging them. Technically not stone, granite or marble repair solutions. But, they work.

Last but not least, go to Amazon.com and buy the scratch repair kit. This easy to use kit has everything you need. Great product at a great price!

SOLUTION: Soap Film Remover

Soap ScumAre your shower walls dull and dirty looking? Shine looks like it was walked off but there's NO WAY you've been walking up & down those walls!!!

Take your fingernail and scrape. Waxy like substance come up? You've GOT soap scum. Get rid of it for good with this concentrated cutie!

Use it FULL STRENGTH for those hard to get rid of mineral deposits OR add hot water to make it go a little further. Dilution recommendations are on the bottle! Safe for ALL your stones - even the delicate ones!

SOLUTION: Countertop Polish

Stone PolishCountertops showing their age? Here's an easy way to add a little pep and get that high gloss shine back! Give your tops a much needed face lift over your lunch hour and restore those weathered or worn down surfaces to like new condition!

It's quick, it's easy and it's relatively inexpensive. Not for use on floor - they'll be way TOO slippery. Perfect for many other surfaces including countertops, fireplaces, vanities, sinks, shower walls AND shelves.

Mildew Stain Remover
Mildew Stain
Marble Restoration And Repair
Stain Remover Poultice
Stain Remover
Color Enhancer and Sealer
Color Enhancer
& Sealer

Soap Scum Remover
Soap Scum
Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner
Heavy Duty
Grout & Tile
Vanity and Countertop 
Marble Repair Kit
Marble Polish &
Repair Kit
Marble Granite Chip and Nick Repair Kit
Chip and Nick
Repair Kit
Marble Granite Scratch Repair Kit
Repair Kit

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