Marble Maintenance & Repair

Marble Polish & Repair Kit

Marble maintenance and repair is NOW possible without hiring the expensive services of a restoration professional. You can polish marble like a Pro with this Hardworking Team!!!

Great for Marble, Travertine, Limestone... ALL calcite based stones. It works well on some onyx stones but it's important to test first in an inconspicuous area.

Product Description

The stone care kit includes products to keep your tops looking shiny & new AS WELL AS the marble polish powder! Some call this polish THE Miracle Powder... rub and watch those dull spots disappear!

Marble Repair Kit

  • Clean your stone with the daily spray cleaner or the floor cleaner... Then,

  • Repair your stone with the powder, Finally

  • Enhance and Maintain the beauty and shine with the no wax stone polish.

It's a great kit to use on ALL polished stones. Use it on your countertops, walls, floors, tiles, stone sinks and vanities.

This kit will NOT repair cultured marble, nor will it repair engineered stone. For use on Natural Stone ONLY!

Take care of your marble accidents with this team of products. Light to medium etching, water stains or rings, and very light scratch patterns disappear! Buy the marble repair kit below. For deeper etches OR large areas, we recommend hiring a marble & granite professional.

Marble Repair Kit $53.95

A Few Other Household Uses For The Kit:

  • Alabaster (Marble-Onyx)
  • Calcite Based Stones
  • Fireplaces
  • Floors
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Light Scratch Patterns (Not on Granite)
  • Polished Dark Granite (Removes most water spots and ghost rings.)
  • Polished Marble, Limestone & Travertine
  • Showers
  • Tables
  • Tiles
  • Vanities
  • Walls

Repair Etches In Marble


Products In This Kit:

Marble Repair Kit $53.95

Etched Grigio Marble Etched Marble Scratched Marble Etched Emperador Marble

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Etched Marble

It worked!

No expensive marble restoration services needed.

Used the polishing powder on a 4 square foot area of marble floor etched by cat puke.

Now he can puke on the marble any time he wants.

As long as he doesn't puke on the couch (I don't think you'd have anything in your magic store for me for that!)

I ordered your marble polishing powder to restore our limestone vanity counter.

It was badly etched as a result of using commercial bathroom cleaning product on it (contrary to care instructions).

I had already spent $$$ on various products that were touted to do the job, but did not.

I am so pleased to say that with very little work and elbow grease, my counter is again beautiful. THANK YOU.

Hi Carolyn, I've used your product on my marble floor.

It really works! Got rid of some orange juice stains with it.

Thank you very much!

Good day, Derek


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