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What Is Slate?

Slate is a unique earthy natural stone. It's stately, sturdy, and durable. This earthy stone exudes dark warmth. The character of slate allows it to fit into a traditional design with an informal time worn look. Find articles, information, and resources on this classic old world stone below.

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A matte finished stone creates a rich and sophisticated look in your modern kitchen design. A sleeker and more refined look. I always think of fireplaces and ski lodges when I think of slate. Warm & homey.

Slate was formed from clay on ancient sea beds by the metamorphism (rock structure changes due to heat and/or pressure) of shale and clay.

When shale and clay consolidate during metamorphism, it is referred to as foliation.

Basically, slate is compacted mud. Sometimes plant fossils are found on the surfaces of slate stones. If you happen to find any fossils, reserve this special piece for a focal point in your stone project!

This siliceous stone is highly resistant to the acids found in lemons, alcohol, and cleaning products. Similar to soapstone, slate scratches easily. It will scratch and chip around the edges and become weathered or aged looking.

You could just leave those marks and chips... they add character and charm to your stone. But if you don't like this look, the marks and chips can usually be sanded out with a really fine grained sand paper or use a color enhancer to make the scratches disappear.


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The soft veining and mottled colors of slate are earthy and usually darker. They include variations of reds and turquoise greenish blues as well as softer grays, oranges, rusts and EVEN deep solid blacks.

Using A Color Enhancer

If you decide to use a color enhancer, it changes the way your stone looks. It gives your stone the wet look.

Like granite, slate is durable and impervious to heat. Since it's fire resistant, you don't need to worry about burning or charring your slate countertops.

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