Multicolor Slate Floor Tile

by Darren

Multicolor Slate Floor Tile

Multicolor Slate Floor Tile

Here is the slate floor tile we put in the front entryway of our 1902 farmhouse. We chose this particular slate because of the great colors and the rustic look it has.

It's very durable in a high traffic area, dogs & kids, and fits well with the old world feel of the home. I can even tell you which colors we liked the best... the rust reds, emerald greens, and the blacks.

We used a water tile saw to do the cuts and tried to vary the tiles as much as possible so the same colors were not to prominent in any one area.

The one thing we did that made a huge difference was lay out the tile first. We measured the front entry way and then laid out tiles (outside the front door) to mimic how the floor would look.

It was easy to look at the finished product before it was actually finished. We could pick up tiles and move them around until the colors and tile lay out meshed.

We used a light charcoal grout (Dove Gray) which was actually a little too light. I would definitely go with a darker gray next time.

After we finished installing and giving it plenty of time to dry we decided we wanted to bring out the colors more. Sometimes slate is a little dusty looking.

My wife installed a couple of coats of MB-6 Color Enhancer and the project was complete.

The enhancer intensified the colors and gave the stone a slightly darker, wet appearance. It also darkened the grout a little more.

We love how it turned out!!

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I need this floor
by: Christy Sharp

Where are you located? I want this floor in my house. Perfect! QUASAR

Country origin ?
by: Roman

Very nice color....can you tell me the country origin of this slate ?

Slate Tile
by: darren

I am sorry this is difficult to find. I have no further information on the tile we used. Check at other stores they may have overstock or purchase from different suppliers...

Love the floor!
by: Paulette

Do you have a model # or anything besides the name? What I'm finding under that name doesn't seem to have any black or emerald, mostly blue and gold

12 x 12 Multicolr Slate Tile
by: Darren

Hi - We originally bought the tiles at Home Depot. Home Depot was out of stock - not sure if they still are. Anyway, I stopped in at Lowe's and they had the multicolor slate in stock - same stuff.

The tile are 12 x 12 and the colors vary ALOT between the tiles. If you use multicolor, make sure to lay them all out before mixing or troweling on the mud!

We actually measured out an area the size of the room we were tiling and laid out all of the tiles the day before we laid them.

Lowes or Home Depot?
by: kittykatz

I love your floor! I'd like to install that in our entryway. But after reading all the comments, I can't figure out whether you bought the tile at Lowe's or Home Depot. There seems to be a variety of "multi-colored" tile at both places. Was yours 12x12 or 16x16?

Thanks so much!

Go To Lowe's for the multicolor slate
by: Darren

Hi - Just went to Lowe's in Florida (October 15) - they have multicolor slate in stock. I asked if Lowe's around the US carry the same products and he said - "Pretty much".

It's called multicolor slate - dusty looking and the tile colors are extremely varied.

Hope this helps.

Multicolored Slate Flooring
by: Anonymous

I showed Home Depot the Pix of your floor and they said " it was not the same in stock, possibly special ordered. Planning to use in our kitchen. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Not a special ordered slate
by: Darren

No, we didn't special order it - ordered in Minnesota... sometimes the area or state ordered from matters.

The slate might look a little different also because we used a color enhancer on it.

It looks kind of plain... dusty looking in the store.

We moved to FL last year... next time I go to Home Depot (at least weekly...lol) - I'll look to see if they have anything similar.

Multi color tile
by: Anonymous

Was your tile special ordered through HomeDepot. What they have in stock does not look like yours?

Multi Color Slate & MB-6 Color Enhancer
by: Darren

We bought the floor from Home Depot a few years ago - it is called Multi Color Slate.

We bought the color enhancer from http://www.MyGraniteCare.com/color-enhancer.html

Lasts a long time.

by: Anonymous

I love the floor!!! Where did you get from? i love how the enhancer brighten the colors!!!

Multi Color Slate
by: Anonymous

I think it was just called multi color.

Name of Tile
by: Anonymous

What's the exact name of the slate tile that you used.

SLate Floor
by: Darren

Hi Debbie-

Yes, the color enhancer is also a 'water repellent sealer'. Not that you need it, slate is pretty dense. The main thing with slate is scratches but the enhancer gets rid of them. ;-)

I grouted first and the applied the enhancer. Just easier.

Plus, you should let the stone and grout sit for about a month before applying anything so that the water has a chance to evaporate out.

The enhancer will darken the grout a little bit.

by: Debbie

Hi Darren,

Can you tell me if the MB-6 Color Enhancer is also the sealer for the slate? If not did you seal it first and what did you use. Did you grout before you sealed? On DIY this weekend they did a job with the same slate but put a sealer on it before grouting it. Very confusing. We are in the process of putting it down in our living room and should have it all layed in a day or so. Thanks for any tips or advise you can give us.

Multicolor Slate Floor Tile
by: Jenni

Is this honed slate? Also, was wondering what the name of this is-would love to go to the nearest Home Depot and get this. What's it called? BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE IT-great job.

byersjen [a]comcast.net


Multi Colored Slate
by: Darren

Multi color. Colors vary quite a bit but it helps to lay out the floor first to get a nice flow. We used the MB-6 color enhancer to make the colors pop.

Slate tile floor!
by: Dani

Your floor is BEAUTIFUL!!! I see that you got it at Home Depot..What what was the color/style that you picked out? I am going to open a hair salon and I want that floor! :) Any info would be great! Thank you!!

Mulit late Tile
by: Darren

Home Depot. ;-)

Super color multi colored slate
by: Cath

Beautiful color! Where were they purchased?

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