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Marble is an elegant natural stone rich with beauty. A truly unique look and feel. The colors and patterns vary from stone to stone. From formal and elegant to an earthy old world style. Find articles, information, and resources on this wonderful stone below.

Stone Remnants
Stone Remnants
Repair Etch Marks
All About
Etch Marks
Remove Mold and Mildew
Eradicate Mold
& Mildew
Remove Surface Stains
Surface Stains

Not sure what marble is?

Marble is formed from limestone. The heat and pressure in the earth's crust changes the texture and the composition of limestone to form large grains of calcite. This is called recrystallization. Many natural stones, including limestone and travertine, are referred to as marble.

This can make things quite confusing!

In fact, many stone experts separate limestones, travertines, and onyx marbles into individual groups from commercial marbles.

What's the difference?

Explore the differences between commercial and scientific marble.

Here's where you'll find alot MORE great information on this calcareous stone.

Would you like to feel confident when cleaning and caring for your stone?

Whether your considering marble tops, a marble vanity or even marble floors, we want to guide you on caring for your stone. Find hints & tips on caring for your marble. Simple Do's and Don'ts.


Calacatta Marble
Worlds Most Popular
Marble A to C
Grigio Carnico Marble
Worlds Most Popular
Marble D to L
Marron Emperador Marble
Worlds Most Popular
Marble M to R
Tinos Green Marble
Worlds Most Popular
Marble S to Z

AND here's where you'll find the most popular American & Canadian Granite And Marble

Take a more in depth look at a few exotic marbles.

Forest Brown Marble
Rainforest Green Marble
Wood Vein Marble
Blue Wood Vein Marble
Blue Wood

Marble is a terrific and beautiful material to use in all areas of your home. Knowing a little bit more about the different types of stone and finishes will help you make an informed decision on which stone is the best stone for your project.

You'll find the answers to questions such as:

  • What's the difference between granite and marble?

  • Do I need seams?

  • What are some of my countertop edge choices?

  • How do I figure out the quantity of stone that I will need?AND,

  • How do I hire a quality stone contractor.

Thinking about using granite? You'll find tons of Truth OR False on:

Juperana Crema Bordeaux Granite
Stone Polish
Kitchen Faucets
Kitchen Faucets
Desert Sand Granite
Granite Vessel Sinks
Lake Superior Green Granite
Kitchen Sinks

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