Pictures of Granite Countertop Edges

Simplicity, Elegance Or Unusual Design

Granite countertop edges are available in many shapes and styles. Curves, angles, and lines join together to create a look of simplicity, elegance, or unusual design. Hover your mouse over a stone to see the name of the edge.

Bullnose Edge

The eased edge finds its use on granite backsplashes while the quarter round is considered standard for granite countertops. A simplistic choice. The bullnose edge is known for it's soft roundness.

Bullnose Edge Quarter Round Edge

While the ogee edge offers elegance and delicate detail. The pictures you see here are just a sampling of the different style options for the ogee.

Ogee Edge Ogee Edge

Custom edges can be simple or complex. If you are searching for a unique look, your answer is here.

Rock Face Edge Coffee Cup

The more elaborate the granite edge is, the more time it takes to cut, shape, and polish. Therefore, the more it will cost. Ask your fabricator about the different granite countertop edges he offers.

Granite Countertop Edged

Add Shine

Erase Scratches

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Get Rid of
Mold & Mildew
Repair Etch Marks

Etch Marks

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