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Too many sink choices? What's the difference between composite granite sinks and a natural stone sink? Is a soapstone sink similar to travertine? AND, which one is the most durable?
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Blanco Sinks
Blanco Sinks
Kindred Sinks
Kindred Sinks
Pegasus Granite Sink
Pegasus Granite Sink

The Blanco, Kindred and Pegasus sink brands ALL carry a line of sinks called composite granite sinks. They come in a ton of different colors, shapes & sizes and are relatively easy to install. There are bar sinks, kitchen sinks, double bowls, single bowls. and vessel sinks.

Some people confuse the above brands with real natural stone sinks.

These composite granite sinks are actually made up of granite particles and resin (glue).

They look like natural stone but these sinks are super light weight when compared to granite and other natural stone sinks.

Many of them are curvy and offer a ton of matching accessories such as colanders, strainers and even integrated drain boards!

They are resistant to scratching, chipping and staining BUT are definitely NOT bullet proof!

Granite, soapstone, marble, onyx and travertine sinks are 100% natural stone sinks. Sometimes these sinks are carved out of a single block of stone... translation... EXPENSIVE!

Soapstone Sink
Soapstone Sink
Travertine Sink
Travertine Sink

Other times these sinks are made out of slabs instead of a single block of stone. A block of stone is cut into slabs (example: for a countertop) and then these cut slabs are glued or epoxied together.

Stone sinks are extremely heavy and usually pretty pricey. Sometimes they are 'rough' finished and other times the stone is smooth and shiny.

Granite Gvs Silestone
Granite Vs
FAQ's On Pegasus Granite Sinks
FAQ's On
Pegasus Sinks
Should I Apply A Stone Sealer?
Should I Apply
A Stone Sealer


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