Stone Remnants


What are stone remnants?
A remnant is a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists. A stone remnant is the smaller piece(s) of stone remaining after a larger job is completed.

Limestone Remnant Sill Plate

What are remnants used for?
Stepping stones, bathroom vanities, desk tops, fireplace hearths, mantels, window ledges, laundry rooms, stairs, bench tops, and even smaller kitchens. Remnants can be used for a ton of different things.

What dimensions do remnants come in?
The dimensions vary. A remnant could be anywhere from 12" x 12", 70" x 36" to 105" x 23".

What type of stones will I find?
This depends on the type of stone popular in your area. Many times you will find marble, limestone, granite, soapstone and travertine. Different fabricators have different choices.

What colors do stone remnants come in?
Remnants come in EVERY color. What's available depends on what colors are popular in your area. Some remnant examples include Carrara Marble, Autumn Brown, Santa Cecilia, and Tropic Brown.

Limestone Remnants Why would I want to use a remnant?
You save time and money.

  1. The stone is already there. It's quicker to fabricate.
  2. Many fabricators sell remnants at discounted pricing.
  3. Sometimes you can pick up a really unique stone at a great price!

Are remnants precut and ready to install?
Not necessarily. There is usually some customization needed. Your idea, your dimensions, and your edge detail.

How many remnants are available?
Depends on the fabricator. Some fabricators have just a few where others offer you 100+ choices.

Hints On Stone Remnants

When looking for remnants, keep an open mind!

Instead of calling and asking if Emerald Pearl is available, go TAKE A LOOK at the remnants available. You might find a similar stone, an incredible deal on a super exotic stone or even change your mind.

Absolutely need a particular color? It's leg work and a little bit of luck.

Call around to see if the stone you are looking for is available. If it's NOT, leave your name, the name of the stone you're looking for, and minimum dimensions with the fabricator. Find local fabricators here.

Remnants are a great way to go for smaller projects.

Add Shine

Erase Scratches

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Get Rid of
Mold & Mildew
Repair Etch Marks

Etch Marks


Here's MORE Remnant STUFF:

  • Here was my EASY landscape design idea using limestone remnants. I thought it was a pretty simple project that added a lot of character to our driveway!
  • This page is a quickie on using granite remnants for a few different areas in our house.
  • Here is an interesting way to use expensive red onyx remnants!

Limestone Remnant Madura Gold Granite Remnant Granite Shelf Red Onyx Remnants

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