Black Granite Countertop Colors

Black Granites

Preview black granite countertop colors. A small picture gallery of black natural stones for you to explore. Look, read, imagine, and enjoy. Enlarge the thumbnails for more information.

Academy Black Granite Belfast Black Black Galaxy Granite Indian Black Pearl Granite
Academy Black
Belfast Black
Black Galaxy
Black Pearl
Granite - Indian

Cambrian Black Granite Impala Black Granite India Black Granite Zimbabwe Black Granite
Cambrian Black
Impala Black
India Black
Zimbabwe Black

Confused by 'black granite'? Here are some of the most frequently asked and answered questions on black granite. You'll find the answers to questions such as:

  • What is black granite?

  • Does black granite stain?

  • How much is black granite?

  • AND, Should I seal it?

There is a lot of confusion on sealing TOO - especially when it comes to black granite! Here's what a sealer is & is not! AND, if you've got problems with your HONED BLACK STONE, we can help!!! No more oily finger marks or smudges left behind. No more light & dark spots either! Your stone will look deeper and darker PERMANENTLY once this enhancer is applied.

Himalaya Blue Granite
Granite Gvs Silestone
Granite Vs
FAQ's On Composite, Natural 
Stone And Granite Sinks
Stone Care

You'll find tons more information on black granites below:

  • Black Granites
    Black granite varieties are homogeneous materials and are classified based on their characteristics. They are classified as either Absolute Black Granite or simply Black Granite.

  • Absolute Black Granite
    Absolute Blacks include only granite varieties which are totally monochromatic. They are quarried mainly in India, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

  • Questions On Black Granite
    FAQ's and answers on black granite. What Is Black Granite? What Are The Characteristic's Of Black Granite?

  • Black Granite Stains
    Do you have black granite with 'stains', ghost marks or rings? AND... should black granite change over time? Find a quick Q&A on the possible causes and solutions.

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