Absolute Black Granite

Patterns & Textures

Black granite varieties are homogeneous materials and are classified based on their characteristics. They are classified as either:

Absolute Blacks include only granite varieties which are totally monochromatic. They are quarried mainly in India, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

The best quality absolute black granite materials are fine grained with a deep black crystalline groundmass and no other features.

The lower quality materials are also fine grained but verge on a grayish color due to the presence of light gray minerals.

The only aesthetic variation tolerated with Absolute Black is a lighter color BUT the value of the material is reduced.

The occurrence of bright or white crystals is also considered to be a defect.

Absolute black granites may also have what is known as oil stains. Oil stains are patches that look like oil was spilled on the stone. Because these are permanent, pay less for the stone and use it in an out of the way area.

The best quality materials are available in limited quantities and are more expensive. They are frequently used for luxury furnishings and monuments.

The lower quality materials are readily available and used for facing, flooring and paving. Absolute black granite can be used for anything as long as the quantity is available.

Absolute Black Granite Examples:

Belfast Black India Black Zimbabwe Black
Belfast Black India Black Zimbabwe Black

The quality and price of black granite is determined by the deepness of the color and the grain size of the stone. The darker the stone and the finer the texture, the higher the quality and demand. AND, the higher the price.

Not all black granite countertop colors are the same. See your actual stone before purchasing.

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