Black Granites

Patterns & Textures

Black granites are homogeneous materials (uniform in structure) and are classified based on their characteristics. They are classified as either:

There are two aesthetically different types of black granites available. These stones are quarried in South Africa and India.

Impala Black is the most well known type of black granite. This one is quarried in South Africa.

It is dark gray in color because of the close association of the black and gray minerals. The grain size is medium and the overall color is fairly uniform with no significant variations being seen on a cut slab.

But the color can vary significantly from block to block. That is why Impala Black is divided into dark gray and light gray varieties. This type of stone is usually readily available.

Black Galaxy is the second example of stone classified in black granites. This particular stone is quarried in India and has a black crystalline groundmass over which small bright crystals are evenly distributed.

If it's cut in the wrong direction the occurrence of bright crystals will be greatly diminished.

This particular stone is currently available in limited quantities and best used for luxury interiors where the brightness of the small crystals can be appreciated.

Black Granite Examples:

Black Galaxy Granite Cambrian Black Granite Impala Black
Black Galaxy Cambrian Black Impala Black

Both types can be used on interiors and exteriors. These stones are used for facings, floorings, countertops, architectural elements and headstones.

The quality and price of black granite is determined by the deepness of the color and the grain size of the stone. The darker the stone and the finer the texture, the higher the quality and demand. AND, the higher the price.

Not all black granite colors are the same. See your actual stone before purchasing.

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