What Is Limestone?

Limestone conveys calmness and serenity. Mystique and romance. A very soft, sensuous, and elegant natural stone. Yet, neutral and versatile.

Limestone combines subtleness and sophistication. It's consistent in color adding warmth to the modern and contemporary home.

A flamed surface finish has a rustic feel. When honed or polished, the look becomes more refined. Tumbled limestone has an aged and antique feel. It feels lived in and comfortable. Over time this stone develops a patina creating an old world charm.

Limestone Cave EntranceLimestone is layered and formed from the skeletons and shells of sea creatures that lived in warm seas millions of years ago. It will often contain seashells and fossils embedded in the surface. It is a unique natural stone and at times, contains visible mysteries of our past within. If limestone recrystallizes or "changes its structure", it turns into Marble.

Limestone is a calcareous stone which means it will react negatively to acidic substances such as vinegar, wine, lemons and even some cleaning products. The stone reacts negatively to acids by etching, dulling or showing rings.

Limestone StalactiteLimestone varies greatly in hardness, density, and porosity from stone to stone. Some limestones are very soft and should not be cut on. Things such as coins, keys, and knives will scratch the stone's surface. Other limestones are very dense and hard so they can be finished to a polished or a glossy shiny surface. Softer stones cannot be polished to this high gloss finish.

Some limestone are very porous... they soaks up liquids and need to be Sealed. The porosity will vary depending on the type of limestone. Examine the back of the stone. If the surface appears open or sponge like, this is a sign that the stone has a high rate of absorption. It is porous and will show stains easier.

Or, try the water test.
  1. Put a couple of tablespoons of water on your stone.
  2. Let it sit for 5 minutes or so.
  3. Wipe up the water.
Is the stone darker where the water was? Seal it.

What is limestone used for? Limestone is used on interiors and exteriors. It is used for kitchen islands, range hood covers, vanities, flooring, walls, and sinks. Fireplaces, statues, columns, steps, pool decks, paving... It comes in slabs, blocks of stone or tiles. The thickness also varies. Limestone is versatile.

Usually limestones are lighter in color. The colors are soft and earthy. Lighter creams, ivories, and smoky gray blues. Pastel shades of yellow to pink are also available.

Fossil in Limestone - Jura BeigeThis is a calcareous stone. It is will react negatively to acids found in common household items such as lemons, vinegar, alcohol and some cleaning products. These acids will etch the stone by leaving marks, rings or dull spots.

Limestone colors range from the creamy beiges to deep browns, reds and blacks. The colors are soft and sensuous colors.

Even though limestone may require Occasional Sealing and more frequent dusting to prevent scratching, it's a beautiful and durable natural stone. It will last your lifetime. Use great care when choosing limestone. Think of your lifestyle. Think of how you want the stone to look 5 years from today.

The same as the day it was installed? Or, do you prefer the comfortable, aged, lived in look.... limestone will show a patina over time. This is just part of the charm of limestone.

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