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What Is Black Granite?
Black granite is not actually granite. Geologically it is called basalt, gabbro, anorthosite, norite, or diorite depending on how it was formed and the minerals that makeup the stone. In the stone industry, these names are all lumped together and sold as black granite.

That's probably why there is so much confusion and so many questions on 'black granite'.

Black Galaxy Granite

What's The Difference?
The main difference between true granite and black granite is the mineral makeup and how the stone was formed.

Black granites are composed mainly of calcic plagioclase as well as one or more common dark rock forming minerals such as pyroxenes, hornblende, or biotite. Black granites contain little to no quartz or alkali feldspar but may be used for some of the same purposes as granites.

What Are The Characteristic's Of Black Granite?

  • Some black granites are softer because they lack quartz and feldspar.
  • Most black granites are very dense and heavy.
  • Typically they are uniform in appearance.
  • They are one of the least porous stones with the least water absorption values.
  • Usually black granites do not need to be sealed because they are moisture resistant.

Does Black Granite Stain?
No, not usually. Here is more in depth info on black granite stains.

How Much Is Black Granite?
The quality and price of black granite is determined by the deepness of the color and the grain size of the stone. The darker the stone and the finer the texture, the higher the quality and demand AND the higher the price.

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