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What Are Granite Kindred Sinks?
These composite granite sinks consist of fine granite particles (crushed granite) and acrylic polymers (glue). They are resistant to scratching, chipping and staining.

Kindred is a brand name manufactured by Franke and Franke is the company that manufactures the well known stainless steel "Franke Sinks". Kindred sinks are currently manufactured in Canada and sold throughout the world.

What Styles And Colors Are Available?
These sinks come in a variety of materials, colors and styles. Other materials used in Franke sinks include stainless steel, quartz, granite, titanium, fireclay and polished brass.

Kindred Sinks

Kindred offers single or double bowl sinks in a myriad of configurations and colors. Rounds, rectangles and squares as well as corner sinks with built in drain boards. They also offer a ton of accessories for their sinks including:

  • Bottom Grids
  • Colanders
  • Color Coordinated Faucets
  • Cutting Boards
  • Dish Drainers
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Strainers

Currently, they offer TWO Granite Sink Series:

Amera Series - Classic shapes & sizes.
Mythos Series - Big, deep bowls with custom accessories.

Both series come in under mount (sits below your countertop) or top mount (sits on top of your countertop) styles. The colors range from Polar White to Creamy Beige to a deep, dark Graphite.

How Do I Clean My Kindred Granite Sink?
Clean your sink frequently with a soft cloth and liquid dish washing soap. ALWAYS rinse really well with plain water and towel dry. Drying your kindred sink prevents mineral and limescale build up.

Can I Set A Hot Pot In My Sink?
According to Franke, brief exposures (up to 536°F / 280°C ) - will not harm it. But, your kitchen sink is not recommended as a cooling spot for hot objects.

Should I Seal My Sink?
Kindred sinks are non porous so sealing is not needed.

Will My Sink Stain?
Many times staining is from the quality of your water. For Example: You have hard water or a high mineral content. If you don't rinse really well and dry your sink after using it, you might see a build up of limescale and minerals.

Here's what happens: You clean your sink, rinse it out with water but you don't dry it. The water evaporates. The minerals dry and are left behind on your sink.

Limescale absorbs staining agents such as tea, coffee and red wine. Your sink now looks discolored. To Avoid This: Rinse your sink with clear water and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Here's how to remove various stains:

  • Limescale or Mineral Deposits: 3 Parts Hot Water & 1 Part WHITE Vinegar.
    This solution will loosen up any mineral build up. Scrub with an abrasive pad such as Scotch Brite and liquid soap. Rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Metal Marks Use a soft nylon brush and liquid soap. Scrub in a circular motion. Rinse well and dry your sink. These marks are from dragging pots, pans & knives across your sink. To avoid them, place a bottom grid in your sink.
  • Light to Stubborn Stains: Use a cream or powder cleanser such as Ajax and a scrubbing pad such as Scotch Brite. After scrubbing, rinse your sink out and dry with a clean towel.
  • Tough Stains: A solution of 40 Parts Water and 1 Part Bleach. Let it soak for eight hours. Scrub and rinse well with clear water. This is not a routine cleaning method.


  • Use metal, wire or wool scouring pads. They will leave metal residue behind.
  • Leave steel or cast iron cook ware in your sink. Iron mixed with moisture might just leave a stain.
  • Leave wet cloths, sponges or rubber dish mats in your sink over night. They hold water. The water evaporates. The limescale dries and your sink becomes discolored.
  • Leave bleach or cleaning agents containing bleach in your sink for any length of time.
  • Use paint strippers, drain cleaners or kettle cleansers. They can discolor your sink.
  • Use straight bleach.
  • Leave standing water in your sink.
  • Drop sharp items. They could chip or damage your sink.
  • Cut on your sink.

Click on a picture below to find a ton of different Kindred sink styles:


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