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What Is A Travertine Sink?
It's a natural stone sink - a solid piece of rock that is shaped into the form of a sink.

Travertine Sinks.

Polished Travertine Square Vessel Sink

This sedimentary stone is mined in places such as Iran, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Turkey and the USA.

Travertine in its natural form has pitted holes. Sometimes an epoxy is used to fill these holes, (Filled Travertine), and sometimes these pitted holes are left untouched or open, (Unfilled Travertine).

It can be polished to a smooth, shiny finish.

Travertine is a softer stone when compared to granite and a harder stone when compared to Soapstone. It can and will scratch if it's abused.

What Colors And Styles Are Available?
A travertine sink comes in a variety of colors and styles. It's earthy colored - creams, beiges and browns. Many travertines have mottled clouds and neutral colored veins twisting and turning throughout.

The sinks interior is usually polished to a light gloss finish while the exterior of the sink could be polished, honed or even rougher looking.

Some Different Styles of Travertine Sinks:

  • Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
  • Infinity
  • Single Bowls
  • Triple Bowls
  • Troughs
  • Vessels

Travertine sinks are mounted under your counter, on top of your counter or even part way in your counter. They come in circles, squares, rectangles, conicals and even unique shapes such as 'flower shaped'.

How Do I Clean My Travertine Sink?
We suggest using a stone cleaner that's made for stone. Why use a specialty cleaner? Travertine is susceptible to etching. Harsh cleaners and even vinegar will etch it. Many cleaners are too harsh for travertine!

It's also important to dry your sink after using. Why? To prevent hard water and soap film build up. Especially if you're using soap and water or have water with a high mineral count. If you're using a rinse free stone cleaner, this isn't necessary because you spray it on, wipe it off and no film or residue is left behind.

A Little More On Etching:
Etches are dull marks, spots or rings on your stone. Etches are not stains. Etches are surface damage caused from acidic substances such as vinegar or lemons coming in contact with your stone. Etches can be repaired but it's simpler to avoid them.

To Add Luster -
On polished travertine, apply a quality stone polish. It adds a protective shield and makes cleaning so much easier. Plus, there's no need to strip it - just reapply when needed.

Should I Seal My Sink?
Maybe. The more a stone is polished, the higher the surface tension. The higher the surface tension, the less likely there are open pores near or on the surface of the stone so the less likely that staining will be an issue.

But, to make it easy - try the water test to see if you should seal.

Will My Sink Stain?
It could. Depends on a number of things:

  • The finish of the stone.
  • Do you wipe up spills right away or let them sit for days?


  • Abrasive cleaners.
  • Scrub pads such as Scotch Brite. Try plastic scrubbies instead.
  • Ammonias or caustic acid solutions.
  • Straight bleach.
  • Drain cleaners where it's necessary to fill the sink with water.


Here's MORE Sink STUFF:

  • Heat resistant, impervious to acids & alkalis, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Blanco sinks are colored all the way through and resistant to scratching, chipping and most household stains.
  • Love greens, greys or blacks? These deeper colors are found in the natural stone called Soapstone.
  • This easy care sink is made from granite stone chemically polymerized with resin. Tons of colors, styles and configurations available at great prices!

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