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Where are all Natural Stones found?
Natural stone is found in countries all over the world... from Angola to Zimbabwe. Depending on the type of stone, it is found within the earth, mountains, low lying areas such as plains, or former sea beds where the collection of sediment has occurred.

Cold Spring Granite - Cold Spring, Minnesota

How long will my Natural Stone last?
Take care of your Natural Stone and it will last for generations. Some Natural Stones are already over 2500 million years old when quarried from the earth.

Is Engineered Stone and Natural Stone the same thing?
No. All Natural Stone is a product of nature. It is formed over millions of years within or on our earth's surface through changes in heat and pressure. It is quarried from the earth in blocks of stone.

Engineered stone is man made. It's manufactured in factories and made of crushed natural stone and then bound together with acrylic or polyester resins.

Rockville Quarry - Rockville, MinnesotaWhat is "quarrying"?

  • A quarrier extracts natural stone from a quarry.
  • A quarry is the location where a deposit of stone is extracted from the earth.
  • Quarrying is the stone extraction process.

Can I use my regular cleaning products?
It's not usually recommended BECAUSE some cleaners contain chemicals that might react negatively with your stone.

They might etch some stones or even make them look dull and lifeless over time. It's best to use care products made specifically for stone.

What special care does stone require?

  • Common sense.
  • Clean your stone REGULARILY with non acidic & non abrasive cleaners.
  • Apply a sealer if needed.

How often do I need to seal my granite counter tops?
This depends on the sealer you choose. Some sealers need to be applied every 6 months to 1 year. Others last for 4-5 years. Best of the best? Apply every 10 Years!

What is kitchen backsplash?
Backsplash is the area behind and above your countertop. It prevents water and oil from splashing onto your painted walls.

Why does the texture and color vary from stone to stone?
All natural stone is a product of nature and subject to variations. Characteristics such as veining and mineral deposits affect each and every piece. Stone will not only vary from quarry to quarry but from stone to stone. All Natural stone is unique... no two stones are alike.

Where can I look at Natural Stone?
Find showrooms in your area for the largest selection. Some fabricators also carry tremendous amounts of stone for viewing.

Stone Remnants What are stone remnants?
Stone remnants are the smaller remaining pieces of stone from a previous job. They are usually sold at a discounted price and used for things such as vanity tops, fireplace hearths, stepping stones, ledges, post tops, and even smaller kitchens! Sometimes the really small remnants are free.

Can I choose my color if I use a remnant?
Kind of. You can't call and order a 24"x36" piece of Black Galaxy Granite but you can call to see if one is available OR if there is a similar black stone available.

Can I have arches and curves in my countertop?
Yes. All natural stones are shaped to your specifications. The variations and possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Is the underside of my stone polished?
No, not usually. The underside of the stone isn't really visible and would add labor and cost to the project. The underside can be polished, it's just not common.

How do I know what size sink to buy?
Easiest? Ask your fabricator.

If that isn't possible:

  • Measure the INSIDE of your "sink" cabinet from side to side excluding any drawers.
    Your sink needs to be smaller (not as wide) than this dimension.

  • Next... Measure INSIDE your cabinet from front to back. Subtract 4 to 6 inches for your faucet, overhang, and backsplash.

If your sink is larger than these dimensions, many times a creative solution can be found.
But, it's time and money.

Did you know... You can change your faucet, add an under counter soap dispenser, or even a water purifier years after your natural stone or granite counter top has been installed.

How much does a granite countertop cost?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions. And, the answer varies.

Stone is usually quoted by the square foot. The cost depends on a number of things:

  • Your geographical location.
  • Actual stone you choose to use.
  • Special edges, full backsplashes, and arches or radius' add to the cost.
  • Using an under mount sink instead of a drop in sink means MORE polishing which means MORE money.

Most marble and granite contractors offer free estimates. Make sure it is from a LOCAL marble and granite contractor for accuracy.

I heard Natural Stone harbors bacteria... is this true?
Read the results of this study on Countertop Sanitation, E. coli and various countertop surfaces.

My marble and granite contractor is recommending that I choose a different stone. What should I do?

Usually your contractor will only recommend a different stone if the one you choose is unsuitable for your project. It might be too delicate, hard to work with or the wrong stone for the intended application.
  1. Get a second opinion. It's important that you get what you like. If you absolutely love a particular stone and could care less about the maintenance or possible headaches, go with that stone.
  2. Choose a different stone. Your fabricator should be able to suggest a similar stone which is better suited for your project.

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