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The Stone Circle Issue #45 Corian® Vs. Granite
March 30, 2006
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In This Issue:
  • What's New at Natural Stone Interiors?
  • Idea this month: Corian® Vs. Granite
  • Info, Hints, and Tips From the Fabricator: Compare Corian® To Granite
  • Recap of the months "Question of the Week"

What's new this month at Natural Stone Interiors?

We've been busy writing short How To's this month. Simple, short, and to the point! AND, we'll keep updating and adding.

We're still working on granite pricing. This is a huge project. There are many stones from China sold under the same names as stones from other countries. So, it's weeding and researching each stone and matching to the correct price category. BUT, we're almost there!

Idea this Month

Corian® Vs. Granite

Same day, same kitchen, same layout, same cabinets, different countertop.

The before picture is of a white corian® countertop trimmed with oak around the edge. It was a little scuffed up but had been in use for a few years.

White Corian®

Golden Leaf Granite

The homeowners opted for Golden Leaf Granite (also known as Royal Gold) from India. This is considered a yellow granite and has small red garnets throughout.

Their kitchen took on a whole new look and feel by replacing the old countertops with this golden granite.

(Can't see the pictures?) Try going to view and click allow blocked images. Or, go to the page online:Picture Online

Info, Hints and Tips: From the Fabricator

Compare Corian® To Granite

Where Do They Come From?
Corian® - Manufactured at DuPont factories in the form of sheets in varying thickness'. Corian® is an 100% synthetic material. Basically, it is an upgraded Formica.

Granite - Quarried from the earth in large blocks or "rocks", cut into thinner slabs, and then polished with diamond pads and/or abrasives. If you ever had a rock polisher as a kid, same concept. You take a rock from outside and polish it until it is nice and shiny.

What colors are there?
Corian® - 100+
Granite - 300+

How Do You Clean Them?
Corian® - Any household cleaner.
Granite - PH neutral cleansers.

Where Can They Be Used?
Corian® - Interiors only.
Granite - Interiors and exteriors.

Are They Heat Resistant?
Corian® - No.
"Corian® is an excellent material for heat resistance. High heat or flame will damage Corian®. In most cases this can be repaired. To protect your Corian® from heat damage, always use a hot pad or a trivet with rubber feet when using hot pots or heat-generating appliances like frying pans or electric cooking pots".(per the manufacturer)

Although marketed as heat resistant, hot pots will melt the finish. The warranty is void if you sustain damage from using crock pots, griddles, or heat generating appliances without trivets beneath.

Granite - Yes

Are They Scratch Resistant?
Corian® - No. "Do not cut directly on Corian® countertops". (per manufacturer)

Granite - Yes. Something harder than granite is needed to scratch it.

Are They Stain Resistant?
Corian® - Yes
Granite - Yes

Do They Need To Be Sealed?
Corian® - No.
Granite - Some granites need to be sealed. Not all.

Are There Seams?
Corian® - Yes. Seamless appearance.
Granite - Yes. How noticable the seams are will depend on the fabricator you hire.

Are They Easy To Repair? Nicks, Stains, Cuts, and Scratches
Corian® - Minimal damage can be repaired by the homeowner. More substantial damage can usually be repaired by a certified supplier of Corian®.

Granite - Minimal damage can be repaired by the homeowner. More substantial damage can be repaired by a stone specialist.

Do They Have A Warranty?
Corian® - Yes. 10 Year Limited Warranty against fabrication and manufacturing defects. Any seams are not warranted.

Granite - No. It is not a man made product so the material is not warranted. Many fabricators will warranty their work.

Always Remember:
"The big print giveth and the small print taketh away".
Read any warranty in full!

What About Pricing?
Corian® - $$ to $$$$
Granite - $$$ to $$$$$
They are priced relatively similar. Although there are some granites which sell for $500+ per square foot!

Remember: Corian is usually sold by the linear foot whereas granite is sold by the square foot. If you need help comparing prices, Contact Us.

RECAP of the months "Question of the Week"

Will my granite look like the picture online?

The sample pictures online will give you an idea of colors and patterns for the particular granite you are interested in. We compress our pictures into low resolution images to minimize down load times. The color tones may not be absolutely correct because of variations in computer systems and monitors.

Since granite is a natural stone, the color, tone, and pattern will vary from slab to slab. This is what makes your project unique. It's always best to view your actual stone before fabrication.

Can my granite countertop be damaged?

Like any natural stone, high impact blows can harm granite. Because of its crystalline structure, it can chip if subjected to sharp, hard objects. Some granites need to be Sealed. If left unsealed, granite can absorb stains such as oil, which can ultimately cause dark spots or discoloration. Heat from pots and pans or burning liquids will not affect granite under normal circumstances.

What is honed stone?

This is what the surface finish of your natural stone is called when it has a matte or satin finish. Your stone will have a softer, more subtle look and feel. You can read more on Honed Granite here.

Be original,
Darren & Carolyn
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