How To Polish Granite Countertops

Protect & Add Shine

Want to know how to polish granite countertops AND other stone tops to get back that shine? Whether your tops are dull & dingy from day to day living or you just need to add a little more zest - it's easy!

Polished Black Galaxy Granite

Use stone polish to restore slightly worn down surfaces to like new condition. Use it to add shine and make your day to day cleaning EASIER! Here's how to polish your granite tops:

  1. Clean your granite thoroughly with a stone cleanser.

  2. Let your granite dry.

  3. Apply a stone, granite & marble polish.

  4. Buff your stone with a clean white cloth or an electric buffing machine and soft pad.

Hints & Tips

  • Make sure your stone, marble or granite countertop is clean.
  • If you notice streaking, stop buffing , wait a minute and then rebuff.
  • If streaking persists, spray on a little more stone & granite polish and buff your stone immediately.
  • If this is the first time you've polished your granite, repeat the application again in a few days.

You'll Need

  • Clean white rag OR a simple buffing machine.
  • A good quality stone polish.

How to polish granite countertops.


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Black Granite Stains Polished Onyx shower. Polished black granite. Polished Baltic Brown Granite.

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