Polish For Your Granite & Marble Flooring

Why Waste Time & Money Stripping?

Does your natural stone, granite or marble flooring need a little protection?

Protect the finish of your stone floor and preserve the polish while providing a non slip surface! Keep the finish of your natural stone floor shiny and new looking! No wax build up on your floors! No extra work stripping! Easy product to maintain!

Product Description

Marble Flooring Polish With a unique blend of fine synthetic resins, this stone floor polish protects your polished floor with an invisible, non slippery buffer that helps delay the visual effects of wear and tear patterns on your floor, especially where there's high traffic.

  • It's NOT a wax.
  • There's no build up.
  • It NEVER needs to be stripped.

Just reapply when and where needed. It works very effectively on granite and marble as well as high gloss polyurethane finished wood floors!

Maintain your floor by mopping regularly with a stone floor cleaner.

Protect your floor by applying a quality stone floor polish for granite, marble and stone.

Stone Floor Polish $19.95

Other Household Uses:

  • Any Other Polished Stones
  • Natural Stone, Granite & Marble Flooring
  • Polyurethane Coated Hardwood Floors


  1. Make sure the floor is absolutely clean - any coats of old wax must be thoroughly removed.

  2. Pour one capful of stone polish directly onto your stone or hardwood surface. Immediately spread it over an area of 20 to 30 square feet using a mop dampened with clean water.

  3. Let your floor dry.

  4. Buff to a shine using "000" grit steel wool pads or use a residential floor polishing machine.

Stone Floor Polish $19.95


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Granite and Onyx Floor

Thank you for fantastic service! The speed with which I received my products literally made my head spin.

I am impressed with service as well as the granite care items I ordered.

I will definitely order again and will recommend your company to all my friends and co-workers. Thanks again. Dana


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