Stone, Granite & Marble Floor Cleaner

Half The Work, Exceptional Results!

Cleaning stone floors JUST GOT EASY with this stone, granite and marble floor cleaner.

This highly concentrated detergent maintains a natural streak free look on your natural stone flooring AND leaves no dulling film. This is amazing, considering the product is rinse free.

Product Description

Stone, marble and granite floor cleaner.

It's especially designed for polished AND honed stone floors. The pH balanced NO RINSE formula cleans soil and grime and dries with NO STREAKS!

Inorganic salts in the formula act as moisturizers and brighteners. This keeps your floor shiny and prevents your stone from drying out.

This product was originally designed for cleaning your granite and marble flooring, but it's safe enough to use on any floor surface that isn't harmed by water! Comes in concentrate form.

It also works great for the maintenance of large commercial flooring with automatic scrubbing machines! Comes in concentrated form so it lasts a long time.

QUART Stone Floor Cleaner $13.95
GALLON Stone Floor Cleaner $33.95

Other Household Uses:

Any surface not harmed by water, Including:

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Mexican Tile
  • Onyx
  • Travertine

AND, different surface finishes including polished, honed, antiqued, flamed, tumbled.


Stone and Marble Floor Cleaner
  1. Mix one to three fluid ounces (4 to 12 capfuls) of stone cleaner with one gallon of warm water.

  2. Mop as usual. Rinsing is NOT necessary.

QUART Stone Floor Cleaner $13.95
GALLON Stone Floor Cleaner $33.95


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Care For Granite

Hi Carolyn, Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful experience and helpful information.

I am so impressed with your efficient customer services and the enthusiasm in your profession.

Thanks again. Anita

Thank you. I will order the stone floor cleaner and also thanks for saving my husbands life..LOL.

I thought I was going to murgalize him!!!


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