Paint And Your Granite Counter Top

How To Match Paint To Your Granite Counter

Matching paint to your granite counter is not ALWAYS EASY! We want to paint once, love it and move on. I used to stress about painting - I could never pick the RIGHT color the first time! I'd spend extra money and time until I got the color just right.

Matching Paint To Your Granite Counter

In my last house, I broke down and hired a color consultant to help me choose paint for my kitchen, dining & living room and my barns. I was sick of repainting walls and over spending on paint. It was the best money I spent! I paid $300 for interior and exterior paint schemes.

Plus, I learned a quick trick for matching your stone to paint!
When in doubt - use this method:

  1. Look at your stone in the area you plan to use it.

  2. Make a mental note of the first color that jumps out.

  3. Look for variations of the color you noted in the LITTLE flecks, spots, or highlights in the stone.

  4. Pick a color. (A white grease pen works NICE to circle the little fleck or color you like!)

  5. Grab your stone or granite sample and head to your favorite paint store.

  6. Place sample color charts next to your little flecks to make sure they match.

  7. Choose your paint.

Hints & Tips

  • Use a color in your stone. Unless you have a black or solid colored stone.
  • Most granites have little flecks of color if you look closely.
  • Torn between 2 or more colors or shades? Buy small samples and test.
  • Some paint stores, such as Hirsh fields, Sherwin Williams and EVEN Menards will match your color exactly for a small fee.
  • Look at the stone and paint color in different lighting conditions.
  • Look at counter top pictures and background colors to get more ideas.
  • Hire a color consultant.

You'll Need

  • A scrap or sample of the stone you plan to use.

Hiring Stone, Marble and Granite Fabricators


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