Granite Estimate Tutorial

How Much Will Your Stone Cost?

Need a granite estimate for new countertops? Want to get a "ballpark idea" of the cost? Your contractor will measure but it's important for you to know. Why?

Stone is priced by the square foot. Know your square footage, know your stones price per square footage and you'll have an idea of what your stone will cost.

Granite Estimate

Grab a tape measure, pen and paper and follow the example below filling your own numbers in the blanks. In my example, everything in italics, I have two countertop sections.

STEP 1.) Measure the length of your countertop in feet.
Example: My Countertop One Length = 10.5 feet
My Countertop Two Length = 3 feet

_____feet x 12 =______inches
Countertop One = 10.5 feet x 12 = 126 Inches Long(1)
Countertop Two = 3 feet x 12 = 36 Inches Long(2)

STEP 2.) STANDARD countertop width = 26 inches
(if yours is wider than 26", put in that number instead of 26. Arch? Put in the widest number.)

_____inches(from Step 1) x 26(countertop width) =________ total inches
126 Inches Long x 26 Inches Wide = 3276 Total Inches(1)
36 inches Long x 26 Inches Wide = 936 Total Inches(2)

STEP 3.) Divide total inches by 144.

____total inches(from step 2) /144= _______ Square Feet
3276 Total Inches Countertop One / 144= 22.75 square feet(1)
936 Total Inches Countertop Two / 144= 6.50 square feet(2)


STEP 4.) Add together the total square feet needed.

___________ From Step 3 (22.75 Total Square Feet Countertop One(1))
___________ From Step 3 (6.50 Total Square Feet Countertop Two(2))

___________ Total Square Feet (29.25 Total Square Feet For Both Sections Of Countertop)

STEP 5.) Total square feet x cost per square foot
The average granite countertop base cost in Minnesota is around $60 per square foot. In Florida, it averages right around $45 per square foot. It may be slightly more or less in your area. And, the cost DOES depend on the stone you choose.

_______ Total square feet (from step 4) (29.25 Total Square Feet)


_____ cost per square foot ($60.00 per square foot)

$______Base Cost ($1755.00 Base Cost)


$________ BASE COST(from step 5) ($1755.00 Base Cost)

$________ SPECIALIZED EDGING (0 None)

$________ SINK CUT OUT(S) ($250 One Undermount Sink)

$________ COUNTERTOP TEAR OUT ($200 Tear out)

$________ ARCHES (0 No arches)

$________ SINK (0 have my own sink)


This tutorial is for you to use to get a rough estimate of your granite countertop costs. Prices vary depending on your location AND on the specific granite or stone you choose. Make sure to confirm the average cost per square foot of granite in your area.

Hints & Tips

  • You can measure in feet but fabricators measure in inches.
  • For arches, use the widest part of the arch for your width.
  • If you have varying widths, break your countertops into sections and figure out individually.
  • DON'T FORGET to include any backsplash. Measure this separately.

You'll Need

  • Tape measure.
  • Calculator.
  • Paper.
  • Pen/pencil.

How to figure out your granite estimate.


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