Soapstone Counter Top Pictures

Using Mineral Oil

The picture below is of a soapstone counter top left in its natural state. It will eventually darken on its own over time but it takes a long, long time and your top most likely will not darken evenly.

The application of mineral oil helps to even out the color and speed up the process. If you want to learn more about the care and maintenance of a soapstone counter, go to this soapstone page.

Natural Soapstone Counter Top

These pictures are of the same piece of soapstone. You can see a HUGE difference between the oiled and unoiled soapstone.

Oiled Soapstone Countertop

In the picture above, mineral oil was applied to the top of the stone. This is the first application of mineral oil. It will continue to be applied in intervals - more frequently in the beginning - usually about once a week. Then the need to apply oil tapers off to once a month or so.

Why would you apply mineral oil?To avoid inconsistent color or tone. Soapstone turns dark when it is exposed to water, grease, and oils so when you wipe it or even touch it with your fingers, the stone will turn darker in that areas for a short time or until cleaned.

Also, the oil will keep your stone uniform across the entire surface.

It will bring out the richness of your stones natural color.
The color's deeper and more dramatic.

Quick & easy to apply - any old rag will do! Just pour it on and wipe up the excess.

You don't have to apply oil right away - you can always decide to apply it later.

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