Baltic Brown Granite Bar

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

This granite bar top replaced an existing wooden top on an outside patio. The stone is called Baltic Brown. It's a durable dark brown granite with a circle pattern throughout the entire material. See the close up below.

This popular natural stone is used on both interiors and exteriors. It's a great counter top material... looks awesome on a fireplace surround and even works well as flooring. Great for residential and commercial applications too!

Baltic Brown Granite Bar

In these granite photos you can see the attention to detail where the stainless steel meets the granite top. Gaps and spaces between the stainless steel and granite are non-existent.

The overhang is exact around the entire perimeter of the bar - enough room to comfortably slide a bar stool beneath.

Baltic Brown Granite

Look at the softened corners - rounded - no sharp edges to catch a piece of clothing on!

Do you see the seams?

The seams are cut at 45 degree angles and located at each corner by the posts. They actually look like they belong there.

Look at the extreme seam close up below.

Some fabricators use a clear epoxy for the seams but it's always better to use colored. It just looks nicer.

Baltic Brown Granite Seam Close Up

Baltic Brown Granite Bar Close Up

Do you need to seal it? Nope, Baltic Brown granite isn't usually sealed. This stone is so dense, liquids sit on top - they don't soak in.

The best way to take care of this outside bar is to clean it regularly with a good granite cleaner and occasionally use a quality stone polish. Quick & easy! This baltic brown bar will stand up to the heavy commercial use in store for it.

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