Amarillo Venciano Island Kitchens Granite

Minneapolis, MN

This island kitchens granite countertop is an earthy natural stone called Amarillo Venciano Granite. The golden tan background is highlighted with creams and browns. A warm and neutral granite which easily fits in with anyone's decor.

Amarillo Venciano Granite

Precise measuring and fabricating were adhered to in order to place the top mount cook top centered above the oven and into the counter without any seams.The four inch backsplash is also Amarillo Venciano Granite.

Amarillo Venciano Granite Island

The granite island picture above shows the detailed ogee edging on all of the exposed edges.

There are two clipped corners on the sink side of the island to help with the traffic flow in the kitchen. Clipped corners are used so there aren't sharp edges. Really nice especially if you have kids - if they run into the corner of your island, it's not sharp! Hard, but not sharp. ;-)

Amarillo Venciano Granite is a yellow granite... amarillo is spanish for yellow.
Should this particular stone be sealed?

Most likely. Many of the lighter stones... stones in the yellow & tan family, the light green & the white family are sealed to help prevent staining. How do you know if your stone should be sealed? It's easy to tell. Use the water test.

Sealing stone used to be a 'once or twice a year' time consuming chore. Not anymore! Today, there are a ton of great sealers on the market. The days of sealing yearly are long gone! It's much more common to seal every 10 to 15 years now. The better sealers might cost you a little more money up front but they'll save you money in the long run.

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