Wine River Kitchen Granite Counter Top Picture

Ramsey, Minnesota

This kitchen granite counter top is a light, almost mint green stone called Wine River Granite. There is one seam and ONE seam only! Which means... it was two enormous pieces of stone... close to 700 pounds per piece!!!

We actually rolled each piece in on a cart and then rolled the stone up and onto the counter.

Can you find the seam? I'll show you where it is later.      ;-)

In the picture below, you can see what is called a clipped corner. Look at the front of the stone, closest to you. A clipped corner is used to help the traffic flow in and around your kitchen. These corners are also used to accent and draw attention to your countertops.

Wine River Granite

If you look at the left side of the stone across from the clipped corner, this type of corner is called a 2 inch radius or a "coffee cup" corner. The "coffee cup" is used to soften corners. A great corner to use when you have kids at counter top height.

Wine River Granite Close Up

Here's a close up of Wine River Granite. The polished stone has noticeable reddish purple garnets - about the size of small peas - and neutral colored 'veining' throughout. I think it's a really exotic looking stone - reminds me a little bit of marble.

Here's where the seam is!

Wine River Granite Seam

Really hard to see BUT, if you look really close, you can see a slight difference in the direction of the pattern.

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