Verde Butterfly Granite Picture

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verde Butterfly Granite is a very coarse grained dark green natural stone quarried in Brazil. It's a rich colored and durable natural stone used for many different applications including floors, vanities, table tops, desk tops, and fireplaces.

This stone is really similar to Ubatuba Granite except it usually has larger crystals and it's a little lighter green in color.

Verde Butterfly 

This dark green granite was used to add additional work and eating space to the kitchen. It's petite yet adds quite a bit of extra room!

I really like the big fat wooden legs - dual function! They are ornate just enough to add visual interest to the kitchen - not too much - plus they support the bar area.

Verde Butterfly Granite 
Ogee Edge

Here's a close up of the ogee edge. It compliments this kitchen top beautifully! Ogee edges always add an extra richness to a kitchen. They cost a little bit more than the standard edge.

How about this stone - do you need to seal it? Nope, it isn't usually sealed. This stone is really dense! Put a tablespoon or so of plain water on this stone and watch. It just sits there - on top of the stone - it doesn't soak in.

It's easy to tell if your particular stone should be sealed. Try the water test.

Green Butterfly Granite

Care and maintenance is easy for this one. Clean with a stone cleaner and occasionally use a quality stone polish to preserve the shine. Quick & easy!

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