Green Bayou Granite Picture

Excelsior, Minnesota

Green Bayou Granite is a natural stone quarried in Spain and similar to Waterfall Green Granite. This stone has a lot of movement with varying shades of light and dark greens melting together. It's really exotic looking.

The granite picture below will give you a few different ideas you might want to use in your next project.

Green Bayou 

Your eye is immediately drawn to the full backsplash. Can you see where the seams are?

Notice the small bump outs on each side of the stove. Look directly above the wooden posts. Bumps outs add visual interest and it's a super cost effective customization.

It's hard to see, but along the edge of the island is what is called a build up. A build up is when a piece of granite or other stone is glued to the underside edge of the counter top, island, etc.

Granite Build Up

The picture above shows a close up of a build up. A 3/4" thick Santa Celia granite island with a 3/4" build up. The arrow points to the seam - it's hard to see unless the light hits it just right!

More on build ups... the piece of stone used for a build up is usually a few inches wide, at least 3/4" thick and runs the entire length of the countertop. It is epoxied or glued to the underside of the top and then polished.

Why would you use a build up? To make the stone look thicker without adding a lot of extra weight or cost. It's common to use a build up on islands.

Green Bayou Granite

Some natural stones are better suited for a build up than others. A stone with a lot of variation in colors and movement, like the Green Bayou ;-) will probably show the edge seam easier (where the two pieces of stone meet) than a solid colored stone.

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