Viara Granite

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Viara Granite, also spelled Vyara, is a natural stone quarried in India.

This beautiful yellow brown granite varies quite a bit from stone to stone. There can be a lot of variation in the same slab so make sure to view this one before your fabricator starts cutting!!!

Viara Granite / Vyara 

This massive granite island has a full bullnose edge along the entire perimeter of the stone including both the island and the countertop.

What's a full bullnose edge? It's a smooth rounded edge - a half circle. Both the top and the bottom edge of the countertop is rounded. With a half bullnose, only the top edge of the countertop is rounded - the bottom edge is straight.

Viara Granite Close Up

There's a 12 inch overhang on the island which leaves plenty of room to slide a bar stool underneath and out of the way.

Something to think about - if you plan to use your island or bar for an eating area, make sure your stone is wide enough to comfortably hold a dinner plate. This should be a minimum of 14 inches unless your plates are smaller.

What about this stone... do you think it should be sealed? Yep - again it's a lighter colored natural stone and should be sealed to help prevent staining. You'll most likely apply a couple of applications of sealer to this granite.

Viara Granite Desk

Look at the top TWO pictures and how wood cabinets look with this granite. The bottom picture shows Viara with white cabinets. The next pictures also show Vyara with white cabinets!

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