Vyara Granite

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vyara Granite, also spelled Viara, is quarried in India.

This beautiful golden colored natural stone varies quite a bit from stone to stone. There can even be a lot of variation in the same slab. For example, it might be dark on one end and considerably lighter on the other. It might have greenish undertones or an earthier look.

Vyara Granite 
with white cabinets

I love how the white cabinets look with this stone. It's a crisp, fresh look that really makes the stone pop! The Viara Granite countertop contrasts comfortably with the white cabinets.

The corner sink is out of the way for any traffic flow through the kitchen and the sleek looking cook top draws attention to the surrounding stone.

Vyara Granite Coffee Cup Corner

Notice the corner closest to you. This is a "coffee cup" corner. Set a coffee cup on the edge of your stone and trace the shape. It's basically a soft corner rounded similar to what a coffee cup looks like. This is a must have if you have kids - especially little ones at countertop height.

Once again, you'll apply a couple of applications of a quality sealer to this light colored granite to help prevent staining. Not sure if you should seal your stone? It's easy ... just use the water test.

Vyara Granite

Care and maintenance is easy too! Clean with a quality stone cleaner and spruce it up every couple of weeks with a stone friendly polish.

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