Juparana Persa Granite Pictures

Edina, Minnesota

Juparana Persa Granite, also spelled Juparana Persia, is known by some as Golden Beach Granite. This natural stone is quarried in Brazil.

It's an exotic golden colored granite. It's warm, it's neutral and it's one of my favorites! I love the erotic black veining and opaque crystals. It's really expensive too!

Juparana Persa 

Notice the impressive full back splash! Really makes a statement with those chunky brown streaks and creamy veins.

Do you see the wooden posts that are wrapped in granite along the bottom? These wooden posts are actually pull outs with storage space for spices. Really cool idea! And, look at how the granite bump outs on the sides of the cook top. They're angled to follow along the contours of the cabinets. Nice!

Juparana Persa Granite

The granite picture above shows how exotic this stone truly is. Color and veining vary a lot between slabs so view your stone first! Some of us love the differences and the big color chunks and some of us hate them. It's always a shame when the fabricator cuts the stone a certain way to 'showcase' this difference and it appalls the customer.

The edges on the island and countertops are ogee edges. What's an ogee edge? It looks like an "S" from the side. It is one of the more expensive edges. This particular ogee extends out about 1 1/2" past the cabinet.

This is just one example of an ogee edge - a simple ogee edge. There are many different styles of ogee edges to choose from. They can get pretty eccentric.

Juperana Persa

Sometimes it's the attention to all those little details that makes the difference between a nice kitchen and an incredibly awesome one and this was definitely an awesome one!

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