Tropic Brown Granite Kitchen

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Here's a big and beautiful Tropic Brown Granite kitchen. This spotted and dotted stone is from Saudi Arabia. Three words to descibe it: Dense, Durable & Heavy.

It's a dark brown natural stone with blacks, tans, and creams. This hard granite is usually pretty uniform from slab to slab but the shades of brown vary from light brown to dark brown.

Tropic Brown Granite

There's plenty of extra work space here! This pretty Tropic Brown kitchen island is a solid 4' x 7' piece of granite AND, no seams were needed. Tropic Brown is one of those granites that's available in larger sizes.

This one weighed in at over 500 pounds! How did we get it in? On a rolling cart!

Tropic Brown Granite Close Up

Here's a close up. The neat thing about this color of granite is that you can add on to your kitchen or other project in the future pretty easily. It's simple to match your old tropic brown stone a few years down the road with new tropic brown stone.

With some stones that's not possible or it's really tricky at least. For example, you renovate your kitchen and put in Juperano Classico. Couple of years later, you decide to put in an island and go on the hunt for a matching slab of Juperano Classico.

Good Luck!!! That's a hard stone to match up for an entire kitchen! But, if you had chosen Tropic Brown for your renovation, it would have been much simpler to match it to your existing kitchen.

Tropic Brown Bathroom Vanity

This is one of the EASIEST stones to care for!!! No sealing needed. It's an easy one to keep clean TOO - it doesn't show finger prints, marks, oils or even crumbs! AND, even if it's not spotless - it still looks like it.

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