Soapstone Countertops

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Soapstone countertops are a very durable natural stone. Since they are heat resistant and non porous, they can be a wonderful alternative to granite counters.

Soapstone Counter Tops

Sometime soapstone looks elegant and other times it has a more rustic or lived in look. Your sink, faucets, and decor set the tone. It can be left in its natural state but we recommend that you use mineral oil to season it. See below for the why, where & when of using mineral oil.


The picture above is Ice Flower Soapstone which has had mineral oil applied to it. This blackish gray colored stone has light bluish colored veins twisting throughout. I think this picture of a soapstone counter portrays elegance. Love the detailed raised window ledge. Look at the left hand side of this raised ledge. Do you see how the vein runs from the shelf onto the back splash? Nice!

The black Pegasus sink blends in perfect. A pegasus sink is not a granite sink, it is made of composites. You can learn more about different sink choices and materials here.

More on mineral oil... Why would you apply it?

To bring out the richness of your stones natural color quickly... to avoid inconsistent color or tone... to keep your stones surface uniform looking.

Where would you apply it? Everywhere there is soapstone!

When would you apply it? Ideally, you would apply mineral oil immediately after your countertop is installed. If you're unsure about applying mineral oil, WAIT. You can always decide to apply it later.

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