Kashmir Gold Granite Vanity

Delano, Minnesota

Kashmir Gold Granite, also spelled Kashmire or Cashmere, is a lighter stone which should be Sealed. The color varies from a light - almost white - to a golden hue. This pretty stone will make a room appear larger and brighter.

Kashmir Gold Granite

This Kashmire Gold Picture is of a bathroom vanity with a flamed and brushed finish. To obtain this surface finish, the granite is heated to give the stone a rough surface texture and then brushed to soften it and close the pores of the stone. There is more maintenance with this type of surface texture.

The four inch backsplash is Kashmir Gold also. The granite curves softly with the contours of the sink. Did you notice the 45 degree angle in the upper right hand corner? A quality granite fabricator is able to cut and sculpt the stone to fit perfectly!

Kashmir Gold Granite Vanity

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Stone Fact:
"The lower Granite Temple of Khafra at Gizeh is built of pillars and walls of dark red granite."


"Mankind should master Nature by understanding, not by force!".
Maurizio Bertoli

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