Santa Cecilia Granite Bathroom

Rockford, Minnesota

Santa Cecilia Granite is quarried in Brazil. This golden colored natural stone is one of the most popular stones used for countertops in the USA. Why? It's easy to get, priced right, nice neutral color and pretty with lots of purplish garnets sprinkled throughout.

Santa Cecilia 
Granite Bathroom

Love the tub surround! It's pretty simple to do and gives the bathroom a really customized look! The granite tub surround has a full bull nose granite edge and a four inch backsplash following the contours of the wall. The backsplash actually hides the gap between the wall and surround.

Santa Cecilia Granite Bathroom

This granite is pretty consistent as far as patterns go but the colors vary from light to dark. Look at your stone before your fabricator starts cutting to make sure you like the shades and tones.

This light colored stone is usually sealed to protect against staining. Something I've noticed recently is that some Santa Cecilia slabs are being resined before they hit your fabricators shop.

What does this mean to you? It means the stone is way less porous which means you might not have to seal it. How do you know if you should seal your stone? Try the water test.

We just put a resined Santa Cecilia in our kitchen and we could not seal it - even if we wanted to! Water just sat on top. This is amazing considering that in the past you would apply three to four applications of sealer to sufficiently seal this stone!

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