Blue Black Granite Vanity

Somerset, Wisconsin

Blue Black Granite is quarried in Brazil and full of twinkling and sparkling blue quartz. We have a couple of pictures with different sinks so you can see how the sink & shape you choose really changes the look & feel of the bathroom.

In the picture below, they chose a square black ceramic sink. It blends in really well with the vanity - you can hardly see it!

Blue Black Granite Vanity

In contrast, the sink below is a custom, hand painted, round ceramic sink. See how the look is totally different? Same stone - different sinks - different look and feel.

Blue Black Granite

Another difference between the two pictures is the granite edge. The granite vanity top with the painted sink has a rock faced edge. The other one has a full bull nose or rounded edge.

What's a rock face edge?

It's a rough, uneven, sometimes jagged edge which cannot be polished like the surface of the stone because of this unevenness. A color enhancer will be used to darken the edge so it matches the top or surface of the stone.

What would happen if you didn't use a color enhancer?

Look at the edge - it sticks out like a sore thumb!!! It's a different color and a different sheen - grayish and dull looking with NO shine whatsoever. You can't polish it because it's too jagged - it would just rip the diamonds pads to shreds! A color enhancer will give the stone a wet look PLUS, it's quick & easy to use. Here's what you do:

  1. Wipe it on with a clean rag.
  2. Let it sit a short time and soak into the stone.
  3. Wipe off any excess. Quick & Easy!

One more difference between the two pictures.

Both of the vanities have four inch granite backsplashes - pretty standard. Now look at the thickness of the backsplashes... the vanity with the hand painted sink has a much thinner backsplash! It's only 1/2" thick because the faucets wouldn't fit with the standard 1 1/2" backsplash.

Scroll back up and look at the backsplashes - it's really apparent once you know what to look for. But, you'll only notice this because I told you. ;-)

Usually, the granite backsplash is the same thickness as the vanity but it can be customized to fit your specific project.

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