Desert Sand Granite Vanity

Edina, Minnesota

Desert Sand Granite is quarried in both India and in China. The granite from India is a brown color with lighter brown and creams while the Desert Sand from China is a lighter color. It's more of a yellow or creamy color.

The picture directly below is Indian Desert Sand. See how dark it is compared to the other two pictures?

Desert Sand 
Granite Vanity

What's the difference between Indian and Chinese Desert Stone granite?

The color, some of the minerals in the stone and where it's from. What really matters is which one you like the most? What color looks best in your home?

The next two pictures are Desert Stone from China. See how much lighter it is than the stone in the top picture?

Desert Sand Granite Vanity

Instead of using granite for your backsplash, create interest and diversity with tiles. In the first picture, they used 12x12 travertine natural stone tiles with small accent pebble tiles (usually 3" x 12") to accent and bring out the color of the stone. In the second photo, they used subway tiles with a decorative tile border across the top.

Desert Sand Granite Vanity

Finally, a 3" granite backsplash with painted walls above always looks classy. It's quick, it's easy & and it's extremely simple to change the look down the road.

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