Veined Blue Granite

Patterns & Textures

Minerals of the stone form the texture or the pattern we see. The pattern of blue granite is:

  • Veined Blue Granite - Minerals form a different color to the base color and create veins or swirls in the stone.
  • Sky Blue Homogeneous - Minerals are distributed evenly for a uniform structure.
  • Blue Homogeneous - Minerals are distributed evenly for a uniform structure.

The main varieties of veined blue granite are quarried in India and have a medium to fine grained ground mass.

This granite is usually light blue in color and crossed by a close knit pattern of irregular shaped dark blue veins.

In some stones, the ground mass is dark blue verging on black and may be crossed with infrequent thin, pinkish colored veins.

The pattern is greatly enhanced when this stone is used in large slabs, such as for a kitchen countertop.

Veined blue granites do not have significant variations in their characteristics although they tend to be a little more fragile. Defects to look for are tears and less frequently, oil stains.

This blue granite is used on both interiors and exteriors. It's also used for flooring, facing, and paving. But the color characteristics are so intense that they are mainly used for quality interiors and special luxury items. The darker varieties are also used for monuments and headstones.

Veined Blue Granite Examples:

Himalayan Blue Granite Orissa Blue Granite Vizag Blue Granite
Himalayan Blue Orissa Blue Vizag Blue

Add Shine

Erase Scratches

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Get Rid of
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Etch Marks

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