Homogeneous Brown Granite

Patterns & Textures

Minerals of the stone form the texture or the pattern we see. The pattern of brown granite is either:

  • Homogeneous - Minerals are distributed evenly for a uniform structure.
  • Oriented - Minerals are distributed according to a certain orientation or direction.

Homogeneous brown granites are classified into three types based on aesthetic characteristics: Color, pattern and grain.

Type 1 is the most common type of homogeneous brown granite and quarried mainly in Finland. These stones have a medium grained blackish colored groundmass with light brown circular crystals a few centimeters across. The size and distribution of these brown crystals varies.

Type 1 Examples:

Baltic Brown Granite Monola Brown Granite
Baltic Brown Monola Brown

Type 2 materials are mainly quarried in Brazil, although some are from Canada and Saudi Arabia. They have a medium to coarse grained blackish colored groundmass with medium sized brown crystals. The brown crystals are darker than in Type 1 and form a fairly homogeneous mass mixed with a few small black crystals.

There is often a concentration of black minerals which form subovoidal spots several centimeters long. These "black spots" are considered defects.Type 2 materials are usually available in limited quantities.

Type 2 Examples:

Marron Guaiba Granite Tropic Brown Granite
Marron Guaiba Tropic Brown

Type 3 is also mainly from Brazil although some materials are from Canada, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. These stones are composed of medium and large sized dark and/or light brown crystals which are often bordered by a thin lighter colored line. This material has black minerals too but they are much smaller crystals and less concentrated than in the other 2 types.

Type 3 Examples:

Cafe Bahia Granite Labrador Antique Granite
Cafe Bahia Labrador Antique

The main variation to look for in homogeneous brown granites is the color of the brown crystals. These natural stones are used on interiors as well as exteriors. Type 2 is mainly used for quality furnishings because of the limited availability. The other two types are used for large facings and floorings in addition to quality furnishings.

Add Shine

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Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Get Rid of
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Etch Marks

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